Tulip Bud

More Tulips

Orange and Shiny

Orange and Shiny

White Tulip

'Dutch Master'




Pink Sakura


11 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Eye candies! The kids look so cute too. ^__^ Were these taken at a Hanami festival?

  2. It’s Hanami, but isn’t so much a festival. There is this huge park where people go eat, drink and enjoy themselves.

  3. Wow man, love all the photos, especially the Sakura flowers! Brilliant stuff! 😀

  4. @Dee
    Now you do! Thanks for dropping by…

    Yeah man, they were awesome indeed. Wish we had them back home.

  5. Really? well festival or not still it must be a treat to the eyes. Saw some pics of Hanami last year from my pal’s album, and they looked so heavenly. Think it was in Ibaraki or something.

  6. There are festivals in some places too, but this wasn’t one. That’s what I meant. And yeah, there are that sorta thing all over Japan this week usually.

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