It’s Summertime!

A Different View


Sunflower, Sunshine

Looking On...



7 thoughts on “It’s Summertime!

  1. Sunflowers turn towards the sun. I find that little fact amazing. 🙂

    Beautiful pictures Sach. Btw, isn’t fall approaching now?

  2. @Chavie
    Is it really the case? Cos the flowers there were turned in every direction. Perhaps they were taking a break from looking at sun.
    Nah, the fall is a long way away, not till October or so.


  3. Thanks, Me-shak!
    Yeah it’s summer vacation for me, starting from tomorrow so hoping to capture a few more.

  4. Beautiful flowers with nice warm colors. I too have heard these flowers turn towards the sun, but maybe this generation is unorthodox. =D

  5. This is apparently the hottest summer in Japan ever. So perhaps the sun was too bright for them to keep looking at.

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