Beijing – Summer 2011

Beijing at night

Laughing Buddha


Silk. Vibrant Colors

Summer Palace

Ancient Observatory, an oasis in the heart of Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Breathtaking Views

Spectacular Sight

A sight to remember

Bird's Nest, Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium


Gigantic yet Charming


7 thoughts on “Beijing – Summer 2011

  1. Great stuff to go with your Blog post! I climbed the same wall about two years ago. We did a two month tour of ancient temples.
    Next time get out of Beijing. 🙂

  2. @Magerata
    Thanks mate! So you climbed Mutiyanyu Great Wall? I went to Badaling at first (as stated in the blog post) but wanted ‘more’, and I’m sure you must understand.
    Btw, my tight schedule didn’t permit me to go out of Beijing as I was travelling during my summer holidays which was only one week. I might return someday, you never know do you?

  3. Wow.. what vibrant colors.. and a stunning set of pics!

    And the Great Wall indeed is a marvelous creation. But I wonder if anyone has ever dared to trek across the 8,800+ km distance.

  4. Actually you can’t walk the whole way. For starters, most of it is still pretty much ruins and tourists are allowed to enter only a few re-constructed parts like Badaling or Mutianyu for example.

  5. Oh yeah, have seen them on Discovery, the ruined parts.. where even the borders are indistinct. It’s a pity visitors can’t explore the complete thing.

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