Yokohama City Lights


Again the photography bug caught me last night, so I duly grabbed the camera and headed for Yokohama which is one of my favorite places in Japan. It’s got a little bit of everything; city lights, the sea, the harbor, a whole lot of people with your fair share of foreigners and in general there’s a certain lively buzz there. And especially at night everything comes to life.

So I walked around the harbor area for a quite a while but the huge camera and the tripod were a pain to carry around, and add to that the fact that I had forgotten to bring a sweater so with the speedy wind I was freezing to death. But it was all worth it; I could capture some pretty darn good shots, of which this is one.

This is 3 bracketed shots (EV0 +/- 2) merged in Photomatix, then some I made the sky a bit lighter in Lightroom and merged it with the Photomatix file again before finishing up in Noiseware.


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