Winding Escalator

Ground Floor

All Floors

Japan is famous for notoriously long escalators, and now you know why. This is an escalator found in a mall next to Minatomirai Station, and as you can see it runs three floors with each section at least 30-40m long! So, obviously, I had to take a picture of this.

I processed these two photos again and again, and I’m kind of proud how they – particularly the first one – turned out. At first I went for a glowing look, but felt that was too much so saved my work and left it sit there for a day. Then I picked it up again, got rid of the glow and made it sharp, focused on the escalator area more and increased saturation + brightness there and finished up with Noiseware. This time around it was better, but the walls were too grainy. So I dug in again, increased the glow and the saturation again so that the walls looked just right and then merged with the earlier version so I had the non-glowing clear escalator with smooth looking walls. I thought I was done, but looking at the whole thing in the small iPhone screen made me realize that now the walls were too yellow and bright, and hence the contrast with the bottom half was just not right. So I duplicated the layer again, got rid of some of the brightness and color and phew… finally I was done.


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