Shooting Away

This was taken during an autumn leaves themed photowalk in Shinjuku, Japan. And those are my fellow photowalkers happily shooting away.

3 bracketed shots, merged in Photomatix after which a bit of edits in Lightroom and of course, Noiseware.

Nature’s Palette

Brilliant Colors

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day.

First of all, at work, we were able to meet the deadlines which is always an immense relief. Which also meant I didn’t have to stay till late, so I confirmed my availability for the meetup I was thinking of going, went home, grabbed the camera and headed straight back out.

This autumn I didn’t have even a single chance yet so this photowalk was a God given. We gathered near the gates of Rikugien Garden, which is not far away from Shinjuku, and headed inside in a while. It was a pretty nice place and while the pathways were a tad narrow we didn’t have any problem using tripods and was able to shoot a bunch of good photos.

As an added bonus I met a bunch of interesting and fun people again, which is always the case with these photowalks, made some friends, and ended the day with a much needed beer afterwards. It was past midnight when I finally got home, and it was pretty great day overall.

Bird’s Eye

Yokohama Bird’s Eye View

This photo wasn’t easy!

Couple of months ago, I paid a visit to Yokohama and took loads of lovely photos, some of which were pretty darn good HDR candidates. However, since then I learned about the view from the Yokohama Landmark Tower, and it looked spectacular, and naturally I wanted to go there with the camera in hand.

Yesterday, despite being pretty busy at work, I headed there with a friend, then found the entrance to the tower where you need to pay ¥1,000 and get in a pretty cool elevator that travels at 710m/minute, arrived at the observation room. It was spectacular!

However, there is a huge window (duh, obviously), and to make things worse there are TVs behind light of which is reflected on the window. In order to not focus on the window I had to get real close to the window, but with a tripod that’s no easy feat. However I managed that, but the reflected light from the window was still bothering me. So I made my friend stand behind me and the camera covering the light from the TVs and after several attempts finally found a pretty good angle.

Despite all that though there was still some reflected light from the window in the final shots which I could get rid of only after a through cleanup in Photoshop. This is 3 bracketed shots merged in Photomatix, and then like mentioned about a few minor edits in Photoshop. I didn’t use any more enhancements using other post processing tools though; the scenery was spectacular enough on it’s own right.

Standing Out

Today I was at Mizonokuchi running some errands. Fortunately I had my camera with me when I saw this dude, probably a teenager, handing out handbills which is one of many popular odd jobs here. He was wearing the most attention grabbing shoes I’ve ever seen, bright pink, and he really was standing out there literally and figuratively.

Standing Out

Landmark Tower, Yokohama

I’ve recently been doing a lot of HDRs, but with or without I’ve never really explored the Black & White photography so thought I’d give it a try as well. This is the Yokohama Landmark Tower which is the tallest building (and the 3rd tallest structure) in Japan standing 972 ft and contains 73 floors. It’s a pretty impressive sight, and next on my list is to take a picture from atop that.

The photo is 3 bracketed shots merged in Photomatix 5 Beta (love their new align feature and overall great improvements) then processed mostly with Silver EfEx Pro. Of course the customary noise reduction by Noiseware followed.

Frozen in Time