If you live in a place where you’re not blessed with year long summers, like in Sri Lanka, then spring is probably your favorite time of the year. It certainly is for me. After practically hibernating inside for the entirety of winter it’s such a great feeling to be out again in mild weather. The other day I was with the Tokyo Drink & Click bunch and we were roaming around a park in Ueno, Tokyo, where I came upon these many brightly lit lanterns. The photowalk itself was shallow DOF themed, so obviously I couldn’t miss this.

Lethal Attraction


While in the USA, being stuck in DC an extra day because I missed my flight, I used up that time to visit an aquarium in Baltimore. These lethal beauties, more than anything else, were so mesmerizing and attractive. The gentle ease with which they glide through the water is so serene and spellbinding it’s almost impossible to believe that these are in fact the most venomous creatures in the world!