One Can Tango Too

Tango Baby!

On my way home from grocery shopping today I was passing by this place where lots of pigeons hangout, and seeing them I thought I’d take a few photos so grabbed the camera as soon as I was home and headed out rightaway.

One there, I started shooting a few ‘portraits’, but almost immediately lots of them gathered around me expecting treats! I felt bad, after all they deserved something for posing for me, so I went to the nearby convenient store to get some popcorn and came back.

As expected they were still there, and happily started pecking on the popcorn as soon as I offered them. So I let them have their lunch and started shooting without guilt.

I was lucky enough to catch this moment in time, and as soon as I reviewed it on the display the title ‘One Can Tango Too’ just popped into my mind.



2 thoughts on “One Can Tango Too

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