New Site – Check out WWW.SACH.PHOTOGRAPHY!

You really should!

Finally after months of procrastinating, I finally decided I needed something more photography-savvy to display my photos, so moved onto SmugMug (they are awesome!) and created my own site. However, I have my own TLD, which is what I’ve used to redirect to SmugMug. Note that there’s no ‘.com’ as ‘photography’ is now a TLD. So please bookmark it instead of the SmugMug URL, as if at any point in the future I decided to move on from SmugMug you’d still have access to my site as I will always keep SACH.PHOTOGRAPHY domain.

Go there, check it out! Like it (if you like it), comment (if you fee like) and most importantly, share it on Google+, FB, Twitter and on anything else. Lots of options are built into it so all you have to do is few clicks. Well you don’t have to, but why shouldn’t you? What’s not to like!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.17.06 AM